The 7 Leather Team!

Get To Know The Ladies Behind The Boutique!

In early 2017, we three sisters were living the epitome of a traditional life. We went to school (Molly & Dom - Medical Field, MJ - Education), got jobs, found the loves of our lives, got married, and had 7 children among us. Honestly, life was perfect. Family gatherings were larger than life with all the family and children, and making holiday parties was a monumental task. If you ever have a chance to meet us, you might be shocked by how different our personalities can be. However, we all believe there is something to be said about the status quo. One trait we all share in abundance is a passion for creating; a drive that won't allow us to simply coast in our daily lives. So we decided that we would come together and pursue a project as a family.

We talked about things we loved and passions we had for all types of crafts, but one common theme continually came around. Leather earrings. We love the lightweight and elegance of the material, and how easy it was to throw a pair of leather earrings on (even just wearing jeans and a t-shirt) when heading out the door, making our outfits dressed up without all the heavy, chunky jewelry we've been accustomed to. So we started creating handmade earrings and there was no looking back; we loved them. After months of working with leather, we started to become extremely proficient and decided that we should market our earrings to the local Kansas City community. We were not expecting the community's reaction. People gave us overwhelming support at events, local shops, and online groups. 

It left us staggered, if only for a brief time. As months continued on, we buckled down and gave our company the same amount of love that others showed for it. Ultimately leading to this website. Every time someone asked us where they could buy our product out of state, we tried our best to have them pick earrings via photos and mail them. The demand became extremely taxing, so we set out to push our business online  in a way that met our standards of service. We wanted to give everyone the opportunity to could get their hands on our leather earrings.

Now that we have been successfully operating as 7 Leather for the past 3 years we decided it was time to expand into a boutique.  We knew we wanted to continue with the production of our jewelry but also start providing shoppers with chic comfortable clothing that is not only high quality but affordable for all! 

 - Quality - 
Within the first month or so of making handmade leather earrings and working with the leather, we would have told you that the process was straight forward but time consuming. That idea quickly dissipated. Working with leather is a true craft, and as time progressed our standards, skill, and processes began to grow substantially. Our earrings are worked from the sheet to the final product with extreme care via several processes to assure high quality. Day after day, we continue to push our own expectations to produce the highest quality earrings we can. This is reflected in the products we produce.  Now when we look for clothing items that fit our style of 7 Leather shoppers, we only choose places that provide quality materials and comfortable fits.  

​ - Affordability - 
When looking at crafting a business, price is critical. We noticed high quality leather jewelry and boutique clothing prices were always on the high end. Then we looked at our family and friends, everyday people who deserve quality handmade leather earrings and beautiful clothes without paying a high price. So we set out to make a product that was exceptionally made, but still affordable. We have achieved that as a company. Knowing the amount of time and effort it takes to find quality boutique clothing and most importantly bring the 7L jewelry to life, have them meet our standard of sale, and being able to market them reasonably is something in which we take a lot of pride. We started this company to grow as a family and that hasn't changed. Our business model has set us apart from other jewelry makers/boutiques and allowed the 7 Leather community to become an extension of our family. 

 - Fashion -
Keeping up with trends has never escaped us. 8 kids and 3 husbands didn't tone down our pursuit of fashion, and it isn't going away any time soon.  When it comes to jewelry we always try and stay stocked on neutral colors for everyday matching, we strive to find unique and seasonally appropriate leather to make sure our jewelry works with the latest fashion. Aside from traditional cuts, we constantly look to innovate classic styles and prints. Take a look at our full stock and you'll notice how hard we push to make fashion a top priority.

We three have been very blessed when it comes to 7 Leather. Our husbands have been incredibly supportive and helpful during this journey. In the beginning, once the children went to bed, it made for a lot of coffee and some LONG nights. The company now has set schedules, quality systems, and sale windows that we work in, making life a lot smoother due to the efficiency. Once we started selling our product and saw the reception to our brand, we told ourselves that we weren't going to sacrifice our families in pursuit of anything. Thanks to the support of our loved ones and taking one step at a time we were able to keep that promise.

Our online shop could have been up and running months ago if we had our families take a back seat, but we didn't, and we're the better for it. 7 Leather is an extension of who we are as females, wives, mothers, and sisters. We don't make or sell anything that doesn't meet our expectations and that we will not wear ourselves. We hope that you are willing to take a leap of faith with us and try on either a pair of 7 Leather earrings or one of our chic comfortable outfits!